Top NC Haunted Attraction with a Haunted Corn Maze

Spend a Frightful Evening at Kersey Valley Spookywoods!

Looking for a haunted corn maze in North Carolina?

If you just typed ‘Halloween corn maze’ or ‘haunted corn mazes near me’ into your search bar, then you’ve swooped into the right place! Kersey Valley Spookywoods has been scaring people since 1985. But did you know that we’re way more than just your average haunted attraction?

Yes, we’ve got a Halloween haunted corn maze too! By day, it’s a fun outdoor adventure to trek through the rows of corn, locate the six stations, and find your way out. But by night… it’s a scary, treacherous walk through the corn with monsters and ghouls ready to pounce on our not-so-unsuspecting guests. (Psst… we only bring you through one section of the corn at night. There’s one way in… and only one way out!) Bwahahahahaha!!

Cool Facts You Didn’t Know about Spooky Woods and the Haunted Maze

Did you know that Spookywoods is not your run-of-the-mill, ho-hum, average Joe haunted house and haunted maze? Nope. Every set and every character is uniquely imagined, custom designed, and hand crafted by us — for you. You won’t find any pre-manufactured, off-the-sales-rack scares and costumes here.

Yes, you’ll find Freddie Kruger, Jason, and other very familiar scary characters while waiting in line and in the Midway area, but that’s as far as they go. Once you are immersed into the main Spookywoods attraction, every set is hand painted, hand designed, and custom staged. All of our characters are original to us. The lighting, textures, smells, and even sounds are all cooked up by us to heighten your own senses and give you the best overall experience.

We even create our own sounds right here at Kersey Valley. Yes, you won’t find any canned audio playing here. That’s just one of the reasons why we are voted a top haunt in the United States every year.

(Psst… if you want canned audio and cookie-cutter scares, just head to one of our competitors.) And once we close up shop each year and break down the Spookywoods sets, we’re already working on next year’s set. No rest for us! (OK, maybe we do take a few days off but then the dark recesses of our minds are back at work.)

What to Wear to a Haunted Corn Maze

Wondering what to wear to a haunted corn maze? If you want to get out alive — and you’re your heart and appendages still intact (Ha Ha!)— comfort is definitely key along with sensible shoes… and so you can run for your life! Also, check the weather before you go. When the sun goes down, temps can drop quickly. So, layers often come in handy during these cool North Carolina autumn nights.

While visiting Spookywoods, you’ll be hopping on and off of a tram (not while moving, of course… safety first!), walking through a Halloween corn maze, as well as cautiously stepping through twists and turns and different textured flooring, and more for a full sensory experience. You’ll also find yourself in sections of total darkness. So, being surefooted will be essential — for your very survival!

(Psst… you didn’t hear it from us, but a ballcap also comes in handy in case a zombie tries to grab your hair.) Then once you’ve survived Spookywoods… Funnel cakes haunted attraction nc

Feed Your Inner Monster with These Fearsome Treats

More than just hotdogs and hamburgers, enjoy a variety of fall treats in our designated nighttime picnic areas. Stop by our concessions for these downright scary good eats:

  • Warm Bavarian nuts
  • Funnel cakes
  • Fudge Shop
  • Apple Cider Donuts
  • Famous Carmel Apple Cider Sundae
  • And much more!

Eat some delicious treats while you’re here, then take some home with you too!

And Don’t Leave without Your Souvenir Photo

Every year, we custom design a seasonal backdrop and assign a ghoul to spook you for a photo opp you won’t soon forget! So, before you leave be sure to pick up your snapshot and take it home with you.

Psst… when you leave our parking lot, be sure to peak into the backseat of your vehicle or your truck bed — and check your trunk too — to be sure that a haunted sole hasn’t hitchhiked home with you… Bwahahahahaha!!

But Wait, There’s More!

When you’re all ‘spooked out,’ be sure to return by the light of day and try one of our other adventures: Escape Rooms, Kersey Valley Paranormal, Axe Throwing, Zip Lining, Laser Tag, and more. Make visiting Kersey Valley Spookywoods your annual tradition. Be sure to come back next year and let us haunt you again!

Make Spooky Woods Your Annual Halloween Haunted Destination

Ready for a SPOOKY time with your family and friends?

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