Grimm-Life Collective

Kersey Valley Spooky Woods has been featured in many top haunted house lists for decades.  In 2022, the Grimm-Life Collective YouTube celebrities went on a country-wide tour across America seeking out the Top 13 Haunted Attractions.  They have become the authority on haunted houses as they have sought out the biggest and most interesting locations that are spooky in America. We were their 3rd stop on the tour and we rolled out the black carpet for Michael and Jessica Kolence.  They spent the day exploring the Kersey Valley Attractions and even took flight on the Kersey Valley Zip Line.  They are kids at heart and enjoyed jumping around on our inflatable pillows before taking the tour of Kersey Valley Spooky Woods Haunted Attraction.     They spent over 13 hours on the property and captured the passion the owners and staff have had for producing Kersey Valley since 1985.  If you have an hour to relax and watch you will gain some real insight into what makes Kersey Valley Spooky Woods so special to the owners, staff, and almost 4 decades of loyal fans.  Many times, we see haunted houses pop up in our market that tries to duplicate the magic of Kersey Valley Spooky Woods, they quickly find out that owning a haunted house takes far more than pouring money into a property.  It takes decades to build a following of fans and years to build a talented team that really cares about their passion for Halloween and dark art.   It takes far more than a truckload of props, it takes years of planning and building layers of detail and education.  After 38 years in business, we have seen many come and many fall by the wayside when they realize there are much easier ways to make a living.  You can't buy passion and tens of thousands of fans overnight, that is what makes Kersey Valley Spooky Woods a magical place.  Grandparents are now bringing their grandkids for their first haunted house experience just like they did as a teenager.



  We hope to see you all for the 2022 season at Kersey Valley Spooky Woods! And while you’re here, be sure to check out our many other family adventures—or start planning your next visit now!

Birthday parties are also available.

Souvenir patches are available for purchase: Gem Dig, Zip Line, and Corn Maze.

Year-Round Zip Line Indoor & Outdoor Axe Throwing Escape Rooms Laser Tag Bomb Bowling Summer Sunflower Extravaganza

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