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Step right up, thrill-seekers! Prepare for a hair-raising adventure as we celebrate 40 years of spine-tingling fear at Kersey Valley Spookywoods! Over 2300 Google reviews with a 4.5 rating for four decades make Spookywoods the ultimate haunt for those brave enough to dive into the experience. This year, we're pulling out all the stops to make it our most electrifying season yet!

Enter our Midway, where every step sends shivers down your spine. But fear not, for we've got tantalizing treats to quench your hunger and devilish brews to excite you! Sip on our Signature Bubbling Endora's Brew in four wicked flavors, or grab a cold one to steel your nerves. Bring ID for adult versions.

Club Spooky awaits with a live DJ to set the mood for your heart-pounding night. Get ready to start your journey with a quick trip through the original farmhouse that started our legendary haunt back in 1985.  Hop aboard our dark ride tram for a bone-chilling ride into the shadows, and disembark at ICONS, where horror themes come to life like never before! The final haunted complex is within the ominous pine forest.  This is the home of local legends and nightmares. But wait, there's more! 

Located in the heart of North Carolina on a sprawling 92-acre farm, Kersey Valley is your one-way ticket to an unimaginable experience. It is conveniently situated near Charlotte and Greensboro, right off I-85 Exit 113. 

But the fun doesn't stop there! Make it a weekend to remember by exploring all our spine-tingling attractions, including the Kersey Valley Zipline, Maize Adventure, Escape, Axe Throwing, and Laser Tag! So what are you waiting for? Dive into a world of thrilling possibilities and book your tickets now at At Kersey Valley, the adventure never ends!


To provide an excellent customer experience, we've improved safety, speed, and efficiency. We accept cash for parking and at the ticket booth. Our shops and food services only accept credit, debit, and mobile payments. If you don't have a credit or debit card, you can obtain a Kersey Valley Gift Card with cash, and any remaining balance will be given at your visit's end. Learn More

Become part of the Legend this Halloween season at Spookywoods!

Worth The Drive

We drove an hour and forty-five minutes to brave SpookyWoods and I’d gladly do it again. The actors were great and the houses and props were top-notch. The staff was friendly. It almost had a homey feel to it. I can’t wait to go back! Might go back again before the season is over and bring more people with me.

Sherry King
Brand New Experience

This year featured a brand new experience due to all the renovations at Spooky Woods, and lemme tell ya, those changes were much needed.  I had actually stopped going to Spooky Woods five years ago and had no intention of really going back until I heard about all the fresh frights.  It is a bit pricey (especially the Immediate Access), but it’s worth it (to skip all the lines). The scares are great. The atmosphere is ominous throughout. And the sets are incredibly detailed.  It’s also clear the money Kersey Valley earns goes to their employees and their attractions, which I appreciate.

I’ll definitely be returning next season!

Sky Tilley
Absolutely The Best

Absolutely the best haunt I’ve been too! We had a blast and had some genuine scares. Even the line was fun to wait in. The scare actors go above and beyond expectations, and the witch dancing is the icing on the cake.
We met Brandon at the end of the haunt and had a wonderful talk with him about the haunt. He has absolutely out done himself and i look forward to coming back next year!

Riley Brock
Been Coming Over 10 Years

Been coming for over 10 years in a row now. Last night 10-8-23 was hands down the best I have ever seen. The icon section was absolutely the best thing I’ve ever seen. Keep up the hard work!!

Jonathan Bowman

ICONS! Wow! My paranormal group and I visited last night along with my daughter. And it was a wonderful night temp wise to enjoy the fall festivities. Even with having friends that work there, y’all still got me (the mask were great!). But I cannot say how awesome ICONS was! The set build, the detail, the actors (Michael Myers got me as soon as I stepped through the O). The bath house and campers in the woods, hidden so well and popping out or up off the ground getting the jump scare! But man, Jason GOT me coming out of the water! Tram jumpers were awesome and made my daughter beg for them to stop lol. It was a little dead in the corn maze but the anticipation of what might be in the stalks was creepy in itself. Once in the manor, it was a game of what was where, finding your way in the dark and if the floor was gonna move on you! Somebody with a staph really got my friend Heather lol. She threw her hands up and about fell backwards! Over all a great experience with friends……….and the Apple Cider Donuts after just sealed the deal

Josh Richardson
The Most Fun

Absolutely the most fun we’ve had in years. The attractions are SO AWESOME, the sound, the lighting, fog…every detail. The employees were so friendly, and the actors were spooky!! The park was clean and inviting. Lines weren’t bad at all. We will DEFINITELY be back!!

Steven Mitchell
Instantly Fell In Love

The first time I went to Spooky Woods in 2017 I instantly fell in love and try to go back every October. The atmosphere is just unlike any other haunted attraction. The hayride through the woods from the parking lot to the entrance immediately sets the tone for a haunted adventure. The DJ and club spooky with the music and all the lights is such a fun experience but we highly recommend the VIP/Immediate Access tickets if you want to skip the line. It’s well worth the extra money. Each year they change it up with theme but every time I promise you will literally feel like you were dragged into a horror movie with their top tier scenic design, costumes, makeup, props, and insane special effects. This year (2023) they stepped up their game like I’ve never seen and I might even come back again before the end of the season. After the thrills you have to get the mini apple cider donuts and take pictures with the scare actors roaming around. And definitely stop to purchase your picture to capture the memory. They are always good quality! You can tell how much effort and detail is put in and how much the staff care. They are just so friendly every time and immediately treat you like family. 

Bethany Kessing

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