Frequently Ask Questions

We have many of the most common questions answered for you below. Thanks for your support!

The parking and the restrooms are handicap accessible. There are some areas that have stairs and we will provide a bypass for these areas. Please ask for assistance at the Gotcha Covered T-Shirt shop.
BOGO offer with military ID good towards any ticket type. Must purchase at the ticket booth and not valid with any coupons or other discounts. The policy is one free ticket per military ID. The ticket is for the person that has served or is currently serving in the military. It must be used on the date of purchase.
Your entire group is allowed to enter at once, we suggest a max of 8.
The art department and build crew work full-time year-round to make Spookywoods a fresh experience each season. The attraction has been expanded with new themes and sets.
Yes, see the calendar link for live availability:
Click on the BOOK NOW button on any page and see live availability and pricing.
General Admission has the longest wait times.
VIP is 1/3 the wait of the General Admission line.
IMMEDIATE ACCESS No wait – Group Photo w/folder
If you contact us by phone earlier than 48 hours before availability start time we will rebook your ticket to another date and time. There are NO REFUNDS, so purchase wisely. After this time there is no changing of tickets to another date or time unless you purchase ticket insurance. With ticket insurance, you can call or email us up to the time of your ticket time and get a refund or change the ticket date.
No! We do not have a drop-off due to people being ducks that follow each other. When we had a location that causes a major traffic jam because people don’t follow directions. So, if you need to drop off you will have to wait in the LONG line and tell the parking attendant you are dropping off. So, you can thank the ducks that don’t listen for your inconvenience!
Age 10 and under are not recommended, however, if your child is mature enough to understand our monsters and only pretend to want to eat them, we will leave that decision to you. There are no refunds for leaving early.
Traffic backs up along the highway on Cecil Farm Rd. If there is a line of cars you are in the right line to the parking lot areas. We will park cars as safely as possible and as fast as we can.
Yes, you can upgrade your General Admission to VIP or Immediate. Visit the ticket booth once you arrive or call the office 336-431-1700. Please note that calls are heavy at night and you may not get through, so plan ahead and upgrade during the week.
We close promptly at the time advertised, if you arrive after this time we can not allow you to enter. The attraction is massive and once the shutdown begins there is no turning it back on. No shows equal no refunds unless you have purchased ticket insurance.
There is a wagon ride from the back to the front of the property if you are parking in the back lot. There are two trams that run all night and pick up at the same place you got off at the front parking lot. Do not bring any of these items with you as you will have to ride the wagon back to put these in your car.

Leave all pocketbooks, purses, bags, food, drinks, drugs, vapes, lighters, knives, guns, crossbows, brass knuckles, bottles, shovels, hammers, screwdrivers, box cutters, rope, bleach, plastic bags, blood remover, air freshener, fireworks, grenades, and idiots in your car. We will not hold items, you can throw them in our trash can at security for us to give to staff as dirty Santa gifts.