Frequently Ask Questions

We have many of the most common questions answered for you below. Thanks for your support!

There were several factors that went into the decision to transition to card and mobile payment-only transactions. Faster. Eliminating the need to make change allows for quicker transaction times and lower wait times, making the guest experience even better! Efficiency. The cashless model allows us to operate more efficiently and effectively, giving our team members the opportunity to focus more on you, our guest. Safer. Keeping guests and team members safe is the number one priority for us on the farm. Cashless models have proven to be a safer model to implement across the retail and hospitality industries.
Yes. However, we recommend against it. If you come with cash and not with credit, debit, or mobile, there is one option available. A cash-to-gift card option is available at Gotcha Covered. Guests will be able to transfer cash onto a Kersey Valley gift card. The gift card can then be used throughout the farm for purchases.
We accept all major types of card payments that our POS system accepts. We also accept all digital, contactless payments that Square accepts, such as Apple Pay, etc.
If you have money left on your gift card the value that remains on the card can be used at our farm on future dates. It will not expire. Or you can go to Gotcha Covered and receive cash back for any money left on the gift card.
The parking and the restrooms are handicap accessible. There are some areas that have stairs and we will provide a bypass for these areas. Please ask for assistance at the Gotcha Covered T-Shirt shop.
Yes, but we no longer offer onsite discounts as in years past. All military discounts are now through our partnership with Kersey Valley donates yearly to veteran families and 1st responder families. Make sure you regiseter to be notified of our 3 seasonal events that are available on Vettix. Maize Adventure, Spookywoods and Kersey Valley Christmas tickets will be in high demand, so register now!
Your entire group is allowed to enter at once, we suggest a max of 8.
The art department and build crew work full-time year-round to make Spookywoods a fresh experience each season. The attraction has been expanded with new themes and sets.
Yes, see the calendar link for live availability: Click on the BOOK button on any page to see the dates we are open.
Click on the BOOK NOW button on any page and see live availability and pricing.
General has the longest wait times.
VIP Fast Pass is 1/3 the wait of the General Admission line.
Protect your purchase from unforeseen circumstances that prevent you from attending by adding Ticket Protection. You may receive a refund less the insurance cost at any time. If you decline, you acknowledge that there are no refunds. No Shows = No Refunds
No, we do not have a drop-off due to people that follow each other caused a major traffic issue. If you need to drop off you will have to wait in the line and tell the parking attendant you are dropping off.
Age 10 and under are not recommended, however, if your child is mature enough to understand our monsters and only pretend to want to eat them, we will leave that decision to you. There are no refunds for leaving early.
Yes, you can upgrade your General Admission to VIP on the ticket page at
We close promptly at the time advertised, if you arrive after this time we can not allow you to enter. The attraction is massive and once the shutdown begins there is no turning it back on. No shows equal no refunds unless you have purchased ticket insurance.
There is a wagon ride from the back to the front of the property if you are parking in the back lot. There are two trams that run all night and pick up at the same place you got off at the front parking lot. Do not bring any of these items with you as you will have to ride the wagon back to put these in your car.

Leave all pocketbooks, bags, food, drinks, drugs, vapes, lighters, knives, guns in your car. We will not hold items, you can throw them in our trash. Small purses are allowed for personal items.
Kersey Valley is committed to enhancing accessibility for all visitors to its attraction. We have made important improvements such as providing accessible parking and restrooms, as well as paving the midway and park roads for easier mobility. Ensuring that everyone can enjoy the experience, regardless of their mobility challenges, is a key aspect of promoting inclusivity. While Kersey Valley strives to make the attraction accessible, it's important to acknowledge that in certain areas, such as natural wooded environments or narrow pathways, it may be difficult to achieve full accessibility without compromising the authentic and atmospheric nature of the attraction's design. However, the park does offer alternative routes and accommodations for individuals using wheelchairs or facing difficulty walking. For visitors with disabilities or mobility challenges planning a trip to Kersey Valley Spookywoods, it's advisable to contact the park staff upon arrival. They can arrange for a staff member to assist your group and guide you through areas that may be less accessible. They will also discuss any alternative routes or accommodations available to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. For a more comfortable and less crowded experience, it's recommended to consider visiting on Sundays when the attraction tends to be less crowded, making navigation easier for everyone. Ultimately, Kersey Valley Spookywoods strives to strike a balance between maintaining the authenticity of its spooky atmosphere and ensuring accessibility for all visitors. Kersey Valley making dedicated efforts to accommodate a diverse range of guests and provide a memorable experience for everyone.
**Strict Warning: No Video, Photos, or Livestreaming Allowed Inside the Attraction** We absolutely and unequivocally forbid the use of any video recording, photography, or livestreaming within the confines of this attraction. This policy is in place to preserve the immersive experience for all visitors, maintain the element of surprise, and protect the privacy and safety of our performers and fellow guests. Violating this prohibition will result in immediate expulsion from the attraction without refund. We take this policy seriously and will enforce it rigorously. Your adherence to this rule is crucial to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
Leave all pocketbooks, bags, food, drinks, drugs, vapes, lighters, knives, guns in your car. We will not hold items, you can throw them in our trash can at the gate. Small purses are allowed for personal items.