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Is Halloween your favorite time of year?
Are you a big fan of Spookywoods and local haunts?

Then we’ve got a treat for you!

If you know anything about Kersey Valley Spookywoods, then you know we spare no expense on the scare. We continually look for opportunities to be innovative, new, and original. You won’t see any recycled haunts here.

And while we might be a little secretive about some things, we like to let our biggest fans in on what’s up and coming. Our Spookywoods Facebook Ambassadors Group has grown by leaps and bounds this year. In fact, as of this writing our group has more than 1,900 members. We’d love to get to 2,000 members this month!

Spookywoods Ambassadors get more!

As a Spookywoods Facebook Ambassadors Fan, you’ll get photo and live video updates on what we’re doing on the property, including scene builds, props, makeup, sounds, ad photography sessions, special effects testing, new features, fan posts and shares, and much more.

You can weigh in on decisions we’re making because we’re building it for you! If we get a thumbs down from our ambassadors, then we’ll try another idea. And if you love it, we’ll surely do it!

And you may even get a chance to make your own contribution to Spookywoods and invites to behind-the-scenes video shoots.

Customize Your Social Experience with Spookywoods

As a Spookywoods Facebook Ambassador, you can choose how you want to interact with us. You can choose how you receive post notifications, and you can add us to your home screen. You can also pin our group and share our group with your friends (the more, the merrier!).

Even More Spookywoods Facebook Ambassador Benefits

As if that wasn’t enough, we do a few more special things for Spookywoods Facebook Ambassadors.

We have a Family and Friends Night before we open for the season, and you’re invited too! This is a rehearsal night, especially for our newest characters to practice scaring the guests. Note that all effects may not be in operation, the concessions are not open, and we are not at full staff. It’s an opportunity for us to work out any bugs, and you get to come for free. (We do appreciate your understanding since this is a free-entry event and we are still greasing the wheels on our production.)

At the end of the summer, we also have a Spookywoods Facebook Ambassadors get-together on site. It’s a time for you to gather, meet one another, and have a good time. Who else does all that for their ambassadors?

We have the greatest group of fans any haunt could ask for. So, come for the fun, and stick with us year-round!

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